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Welcome to Action Resources Center – Success. I say “Welcome” because I appreciate that You decided to visit today. You were probably told about this site by a friend or family member. Or maybe You were referred by another professional – physician, therapist, educator, coach, business executive, or even another Hypnotist
My clients come from all over Dallas and the North Texas area including Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, Southlake, Texoma, and Rockwall - and even further away in other parts of Texas as well as other states.

I’m William C. Smith – “Coach William” as most of my clients call me.
I’ve been on my own Journey of personal growth and development for many years. I have always found the mind and human behavior to be fascinating and because of this, have spent years studying and learning. Even though I have now made this my profession, I will always continue on my own Journey as well.
Many people just like You have found success and growth working with me using my Alpha Process Coaching programs. And now it’s Your turn. You’re here for a reason – You want to change something, or You’re “stuck” and want to get “unstuck”. And I’m here to help.
Whether it’s Sports Performance Enhancement, Business, Health and Wellness, Self Improvement and Personal Growth and Development, or perhaps You were looking for a Speaker for Your Group or maybe some training and development for Your business or organization – for whatever reason You’re here – I’m glad You’re here and invite You to come back again and again.
Coach William C. Smith sitting at conference table Dallas / Fort Worth

Coach William C. Smith - sometimes I sit back and relax by looking out the window.  I get some of my best ideas that way!
My Coaching experience and practice didn’t come out of a certificate program from a two day workshop, an internet certification program, or a diploma mill, or some other cookie cutter program.  I worked for it and earned it.   
My experience in Life and the Corporate World are combined with the information I’ve derived from reading many books and attending many workshops, classes, and seminars.  I have refined and supplemented my real world / real life experience by reading many books on personal development, and human behavior. 
Many great ideas for helping people have come from workshops, seminars, and conventions I have attended and many of the best have come from my clients – sharing what has worked best for them.

Having escaped the Corporate World several years ago, I have been on a Journey of Growth -- professionally, personally, and spiritually. And that growth has brought me to the realization that I Enjoy helping others in their growth as well – helping people just like YOU get from where You are to where You want to be – and deserve to be!

Over the years, I’ve developed my own system I use for that purpose -- Alpha Process Coaching™. It combines many tools and techniques I have learned and assimilated along the way:
  • Logic - My mind is extremely Logical and Analytical
  • Creativity - And my creative side is just as strong!
  • Asking the right Questions to get the right Answers
  • Using the Right Words – the Words that actually have Positive / Useful Meanings to the SubConscious Mind
  • Self Hypnosis / Self Talk instruction utilizing Ericksonian guidelines
  • NLP –NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • And Experiences from my own Personal and Business Life in the Corporate World and as an Entrepreneur.
Coach William C. Smith - this picture was taken when I was doing some Alpha Process Coaching training for a client in the Cayman Islands

Alpha Process Coaching helps You Focus on turning Potential into Performance with Coach William C. Smith - Dallas / Fort Worth
The name Alpha Process Coaching™ is a logical representation of what I share with my clients – Individuals, Groups, and Teams.
  • “Alpha” – First – deciding goals and what needs to be done to achieve those goals to make You’re a truly Rewarding, Superb Experience for You and the people You impact.
  • “Process” – It’s a Process. Long term, productive Life Changes don’t take place overnight. It derives from the Concept expressed in one of my favorite quotes: "Life is Change, Growth is Optional, Choose Wisely" – Karen Kaiser Clark
  • "Coaching” – I prefer Coaching and helping others Develop Awareness of their own inner greatness.  I do NOT do therapy! Coaching is more of a participation with Emphasis on Improving Performance and Quality, and helping a person find their Inspiration and Motivation to set and attain Goals in Life.

I’ve often wondered why so many people Resist Change and Refuse to Grow.  I think it may be because they don’t see it as a Process to work and use to Create their Life rather than letting Life just Happen to them. They're too afraid of doing something wrong, so they don't do anything. Therefore, they seldom accomplish anything worthwhile, and they never feel Successful.
It seems they're waiting for Success and Opportunity to come knocking at their door.  And You know what?  Too many of them would be afraid to go to the door because they are afraid to Succeed or maybe just feel they don't deserve Success.  Here's what I think; if Success and Opportunity aren't knocking on Your door, go out and find the door Yourself and knock on it!
You're not like that! How do I know? Because You've been reading this and it makes sense to You. Let's talk!
If Success and Opportunity aren't knocking on Your door - get up and knock on the doors leading to Success and Opportunity!

Coach William C. Smith Coaching clients in Dallas / Fort Worth and the rest of the World with Video Skype Sessions
My goal and purpose in my work is to help individuals and groups to utilize Alpha Process Coaching™ to realize their potential Growth – professionally and personally.

You will notice for the sake of clarity and convenience, I’ve divided my practice into four main categories.  Click on the titles to discover more about each of them.


My goal is to make each of these areas of my practice places where You can get benefit from the time You spend checking them out. I encourage You to take Your time reading, browsing, thinking, and come back to visit again and again - and share them with Your family, friends, and colleagues. You'll see new information, articles, videos, and other useful material that get added on a regular basis. It's a work in process! Just as I am and just as You are!
Look over the site.

And when You’re ready to take Action to make changes, I’m here to help.

Expect, Look for, and Find something Wonderful, Fun, and Exciting in Your Life – everyday!

Coach William C. Smith

And yes, I’m happy with the title “Coach”. I don’t feel the need for President, CEO, Doctor, PHD, Therapist, etc.  I seldom get up before 10 AM - by my choice, but I do work later than most people - it's better for me and my evening appointments are more convenient for some of my clients.  And I don’t wear ties either! 
Thank You again for visiting.

Expect, Look for, and Find,
something Wonderful, Fun, and Exciting
in Your Life-- Every day!
-- Coach William C. Smith

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I'm a night owl. If you call BEFORE 10 AM I probably haven't had my first cup of coffee and may be grouchy and maybe not very alert.



Coach William C. Smith works One on One with Clientsfrom Dallas and all over the North Texas area, and all over the world with Skype Video Sessions for Sports Performance Enhancement, Business Coaching, Alpha Process Coaching, Anger Control Coaching, and Ericksonian Hypnosis / NLP